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Couple holding hands in couples counseling

Couples Counseling in Memorial, TX

When most people think of couples therapy, they might imagine two people bickering on a couch with a therapist rolling their eyes nearby like in movies. However, couples counseling in Memorial, TX, can be a way for couples to work through issues or learn more healthy ways to communicate and address negative patterns. Couples therapy is an effective way to bolster your relationship.

Pursuing couples counseling isn’t just for couples who have issues; it can also be for partners that want to communicate better or deepen their relationship and understanding of each other with a professional to bounce off. It’s a proven method that couples have used for decades to strengthen relationships and learn healthy communication.

Memorial Counseling for Couples

As stated before, healthy or fighting couples can both attend couples counseling in Memorial, TX! But what are some signs you might need to consider the option of couples therapy? Here are a few key things to look out for.


  • Inability to Settle Arguments or Agree on Anything

If your partner constantly irritates you over the smallest things, arguments always escalate beyond simple disagreements, or you can’t ever agree on anything big or small, it may be time to consider couples counseling. Constant fighting can feel like an endless source of stress, but ending things isn’t necessarily the answer. Learning better ways to communicate and understand each other can turn heated arguments into calm discussions. 


  • Growing Apart or Losing Interest

If there’s a stark lack of passion that used to exist or you feel like that “honeymoon phase” seems to have faded, it could be time to consider couples counseling. Finding ways to rekindle the spark in your relationship could just mean a need to learn more about eachother in unique ways! Before things can escalate to resentment or poor choices, couples counseling can help you find the fire again.


  • You Just Think It’ll Help

Sometimes things don’t need to go rapidly downhill to decide that couples counseling will help your relationship! Instead, maybe little things like difficulty communicating your feelings addressing small insecurities need to be ironed out in a safe space before growing into resentment. 


  • Special issues couples face

Couples can often face significant challenges such as recovering from an affair, where focusing on recreating trust, safety, transparency and addressing the core issues in the relationship making the affair feel like an option. ADHD in one or both partners benefits from psychoeducation and specific relationship skills development, while working through past hurts and resentments. Some relationships may need to address sex related challenges using Sex therapy specialization to overcome. Some relationships are exploring non-traditional paths such as polyamory, non-binary or less common or culturally acceptable.

Choosing the Right Counselors in Memorial, TX

For couples counseling in Memorial, TX, that help you feel heard and wants to assist in bringing your relationship to a better place, choose Authentic Healing and Counseling. We make it our mission to help everyone that reaches out to us, and we’ll help you through every step. 

Drop us a line and see how we can help you today!

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