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Trauma Therapist in Montrose, TX

When you can't sleep and your mind is racing, you may find that your thoughts repeat the same horror story often. You might recall a terrible accident, abuse suffered as a child, or some other memory that has left you haunted by the past. The only way to stop replaying these scenes in your mind can be to take action and get help from a professional. A trauma therapist in Montrose, TX, is available for anyone who wants to work through their painful memories and start living without fear.


With the help of a therapist, you can start to understand what led you to feel this way and how to break free from it. A trained professional can help guide you through this process, allowing you to craft an individualized plan that works for you. Many different types of therapy are available for anxiety and trauma, so finding one that fits your needs is essential. Depending on the type of trauma involved, there are many options available to help put an end to it.

Therapy Helps Many People

In the wake of trauma, it's common to experience stress or anxiety. But how do you know when your psychological symptoms result from a traumatic event? Some signs that you may have post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) include:


  • Re-experiencing the event through flashbacks or nightmares

  • Avoidance of reminders of the event

  • Self-destructive behavior

  • Hypervigilance


If you think you or someone you love has PTSD, there's no shame in seeking professional help. Receiving treatment as soon as possible can be one of the most critical steps toward healing. A suitable trauma therapist in Montrose, TX, can help with PTSD treatment. We're ready to provide patients with the care they need at any phase of their recovery process.

Finding a Trusted Trauma Therapist

A great deal of healing from trauma comes from building a robust support system around you that can provide emotional and practical support when needed. It may feel strange to ask for help when you've always been so independent, but the more people you have in your life who can help you out in the little ways when your anxiety flares up, the easier it will be to take care of yourself.

At Authentic Healing and Counseling, we have trauma therapists in Montrose, TX, with years of experience and knowledge. Our counselors come from numerous backgrounds and specialize in different fields of study. We want to help you take steps in the right direction, so get in touch with us today to book an appointment.

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