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Trauma Therapy in Heights, TX

There are a lot of different kinds of trauma that can lead to mental illness, and how people cope with them play a significant role in their ability to overcome the effects. Trauma therapy in Heights, TX, can help you learn to cope with trauma better and get over its negative impact on your life.


How do you know if trauma therapy is right for you? If you have been experiencing PTSD symptoms or have been diagnosed with PTSD, it may be a good idea for you to look into this type of therapy. It is also helpful if you have experienced any kind of traumatic event.

Trauma, Therapy, & You

Trauma is a heavy burden to carry, but it doesn't have to be one forever. Trauma therapy in Heights, TX, can help you put your past behind you and move forward with your life.


A traumatic experience provokes a deep emotional response, whether you've witnessed it or been in the midst of it. These experiences may happen due to an accident or natural disaster such as Hurricane Harvey, Ike or Katrina, or another person could inflict them–either way, the experience leaves its mark on you, potentially for years afterward. Trauma can lead to intense fear, anger, sadness, and other negative emotions associated with being threatened or harmed.


Traumatic events are highly stressful because they are unexpected and outside the realm of everyday life. In these moments, your senses might feel heightened, and your body may go into fight-or-flight mode. Unfortunately, there's a very real risk that these reactions will become a part of your everyday life if they are not dealt with properly.


A doctor in trauma therapy in Heights can help you learn to cope with the trauma that has affected you. Your therapist can teach you how to manage the triggers of a traumatic event and keep them from causing unwanted reactions in your daily life. For example, you might learn how to control anxiety or panic attacks and cope with deep depression.

Finding a Trusted Counselor or Therapist

Trauma is a challenging experience for anyone, but it can lead to mental illness if not dealt with properly. It can be hard to take the first step toward therapy when you are experiencing trauma, but therapy is a proven way of learning to cope with trauma and get back on your feet again. A therapist can help you work through the issues that arise from trauma and learn how to get past them and move on with your life.

At Authentic Healing and Counseling, we strive to provide effective depression and trauma therapy in Heights, TX, to anyone in need that reaches out. Our counselors come from numerous backgrounds and specialize in different fields of study. We want to help you take steps in the right direction, so get in touch with us today to book an appointment.

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