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Our selection of books is curated to help our clients find additional support on their healing journey. Much of the work that's discussed in the therapy sessions can be accelerated through outside resources like books. 

Therapist Artwork 

Client Counseling Artwork


We use art in counseling to help creatives move past emotional and creative blocks. Clients are able to explore their emotions, understand conflicts or feelings that are causing them distress, and use art to help them find resolutions to those issues. Art in counseling is is a form of integrative treatment that helps to enrich the lives of our clients through active art-making and creative processes. Whether you're an artist or not, you will find yourself immersed in the process of unlocking your most authentic self.



Movies wield a therapeutic potential, immersing us in emotionally resonant experiences that impact well-being. As stories unfold, they transport us, offering a reprieve from reality and evoking a spectrum of emotions. Providing relatable characters and narratives that inspire hope, films facilitate catharsis and new perspectives, serving as a tool for emotional restoration. 

Recommended movie: Welcome to Happiness

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