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Authentic Healing and Counseling provides a meeting space for a variety of groups in a supportive and grace-giving environment. Groups are offered weekly and are led by trained therapists/facilitators and community professionals.


Through these support groups, our clients are able to find supplemental aid on their healing journeys. Our groups are offered as a space where individuals can come together to share their stories, experiences, and lives in a way that helps reduce isolation and loneliness while receiving emotional support. Oftentimes, we think we are struggling alone, but support groups help us see that there are others who may be dealing with similar situations and who in turn can help us heal. Our groups are designed to provide both communal support and psychoeducational resources for the client to learn how to best navigate their specific issues and triggers. The groups teach coping skills, help reduce anxiety, and build resiliency.


You are not alone. We look forward to you joining us on your healing journey! 


Learn more about our groups below. If you have any questions about joining feel free to give us a call!

Expanding Masculine Expression.jpg


Do you struggle with expressing your emotions in a healthy way? Are you interested in developing deeper connections and healthier relationships with others? Our men's group, "Expanding Masculine Expression," is designed to help you develop your emotional intelligence and communication skills to build stronger relationships with those around you.


Through group discussions, exercises, and activities, you'll learn about the role of emotions in healthy relationships and how to identify and express your emotions in a healthy way. You'll also learn how to develop empathy and compassion for yourself and others, navigate conflict in relationships, and build and maintain healthy relationships.

When? Starting June 5th, 2023 | 8 weeks | Monday's | 6:00 - 8 PM

Where? 7660 Woodway Dr, Suite 385 Houston, TX, 77063

Cost?  $55/week 

Led by Bryant Packard, MS. LMFT & Leadership Coach
Gotman Trained, EMDR Trained

Please contact us at 281-501-0109 or Text/call 832-516-0784

Expanding Masculine Expression

Thriving with ADHD.jpg

This support group helps you process the effects of trauma, gain support, know you are not alone, and learn effective coping skills. Whether due to Domestic or Sexual Abuse, Trafficking, or chronic childhood traumas, you will begin to find safety and support on your healing path.

This group is intended to be supportive & educational.

A Secure Online Video Group
Led by Kateri Perez MS, LPC

The Center for Authentic Healing and Counseling

Please contact us at 281-501-0109 or Text/call 832-516-0784

Women Emerging from Trauma


Substance Users In Recovery- Secure Online Support Group


Led by Elizabeth Malcolm, M.Ed., LPC

The Center for Authentic Healing and Counseling
Using Google G-Suite Hangouts Meet. A HIPAA compliant and Encrypted video platform

This group provides a safe, supportive space to explore challenges and successes with others who can identify with your struggles. each group has both a psycho-educational and a process component.
CBT, DBT, and Motivational Interviewing principles will be used to help support relapse prevention

An eight-person minimum is required.

Your space is reserved by your payment:
$50 per meeting

Email us to sign up at:

Or text to register at (832-516-0784) and to pay by credit card

Substance Abuse Recovery Online video Group Flyer

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Trauma Sensitive Yoga

Yoga has become a rapidly growing practice in the United States, with millions of people enjoying and experiencing connecting with a community and awareness of their bodies. This mind-body movement is designed to help complex trauma survivors who have endured multiple chronic traumatic events on an interpersonal level recover.

This support group is intended to be supportive and educational

Led by Pamela Urcid, E-RYT 500, and Gina Baiamonte, LPC, EMDR Certified

$440 - Includes 45 minutes of Yoga practice and 45 minutes of a reflective period as participants discover and discuss insights that arose during the practice.

***Yoga Portion ($120 or $15/class)***

Please contact us at 281-501-0109 or Text/call 832-516-0784


Victims of Narcissistic Personality Disorder

Co-ed support and psycho-educational group focusing on the trauma and challenges of living with or having lived with a narcissistic partner

A Secure Online and/or In-Person Group
Led by Deborah G. Feinsilver MS, LMFT, LPC
and Bryant Packard MS LMFT/LPC Intern

The Center for Authentic Healing and Counseling


Please contact us at 281-501-0109 or-

Text/call at 832-516-0784

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