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Women that Inspire me: Reaching for the Stars

Updated: May 21

I came from a divorced family and was raised by a wonderful mother along with 4 strong sisters. Each has their own unique gift and they all have taught me in their own ways.

My mom handled her divorce all those years ago and didn’t let hatred enter her heart. She raised me with Catholic faith and forgiveness and gave me the gift of compassion. She still loves going to church, reading about her faith, and still continues to guide her children in the right direction, to reach for the stars!

My oldest sister, Grace, has always inspired me to reach for the stars and gave me the gift of ambition. She had knee and shoulder surgeries, an early pregnancy, traumas and challenges with little money, and, yet, still strived to do great things. She now is a wonderful role model, mother of 2, owned and sold her own business, and is a successful doctorate in pharmacy.

My middle sister, Gina, has always inspired me to look outside the box and my inner self and gave me the gift of strength. Many would think the opposite of strength is weakness, but for me it was fear. The fear of striking out. She too had her own battles: divorce, trauma and not knowing where she fit in, what would actually make her happy, and doing what she loves. She, too, reached for the stars and now has a wonderful husband, 5 step kids that love her, a masters of science in clinical counseling, and a successful business. She taught me inner strength can move mountains.

My younger sister, Gabrial, inspired me to have balance and she gave me the gift of happiness. You’ve heard the expression, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” Well, actually when I was younger, I was more play than work. But, that’s another story. Gabrial knows how to find balance in her life. She has handled many adversities and without a college degree became a successful businesswoman and is the breadwinner of her household. Besides working hard, she takes care of her 4 kids and the household but still makes time for herself.

Last but not least, my daughter Rachel. Even though I am her mother and still her teacher/parent, she gives me the gift of unconditional love. Guiding her and watching her grow up to be a smart and beautiful woman is a blessing. I told her, too. to reach for the stars! She is off at college and I love that she calls, texts, and FaceTimes me all the time about her lows and her highs. Unconditional love – I love her and want nothing more than her happiness! No strings attached! She is exceeding in all that she does and made honor roll her first year! Truly an inspiration.

I am proud that I have strong and passionate women in my life that in so many ways have taught me compassion, ambition, strength, happiness, unconditional love and to always reach for the stars!

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